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Terms of Use

Our Terms of Use are very simple:

Our Terms of Use is simple. we stand for world peace and we stand for freedom and we stand for everybody's right to be happy. So please make sure that your activities on this site does not do any harm physical, and/or emotional to anyone within the context of the law. That said, we don't ,and neither should you, tolerate any bullying and intimidation of anyone in any way, form or shape.

  • Please don't break any laws.

  • Please don't infringe on any copyright in any way, form or shape.

  • We don't accept any bullying from anyone.

  • Respect everyone's rights.

  • No pornography or nudity in any way, form or shape.

  • Initmidation in any form or shape is prohibited.

  • Please protect the rights of those who can't defend themselves.

  • Promote world peace.

  • Please do not violate anybody's privacy in any way, form or shape.

  • In the USA, laws of the government of the United States of America, and in Cananda, laws of the government of Canada and the Province of Ontario will superceed any laws in any jurisdication. Iny any other country laws of the Government of Canada superceed any laws with respect to your activities on this site..

    Access to the site will be terminated if vialation of the termis of use occurred.