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About Us

We want World Peace. And yes we know how it sounds, but we really want world peace.
We are a bunch of simple people who try to live their lives the best we can and have fun along the way. We love what we do and we are smart. we really are :)

We don't have any offices yet. Seriously we don't.

We want freedom, democracy, peace, love and anything that is good for everyone.

Other than that we are a bunch of ordinary people trying to make our mark on our planet. We love our planet and we want to have fun living our lives. If you have any ideas on how to make this site better, let us know.

We are international, we belong to Earth, we identify ourselves as American, Canadian, European, Russion, Indian, Chinese, African, Asian and anything in between. The only thing that separats us is the distance and that's it. Peace.

May the force be with you :)