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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple, we are not Facebook or Twitter or whatever other site that makes it so complicated and hard to trust your private information being in the hands of others. Your private information are yours and only yours, we do not collect your identifiable information such as name and address and phone number for any purpose other than your sole activities on this site. We do not share these information with anyone within the context of the law.

  • We do what we can to protect your privacy.

  • We don't share any private and identifiable information about you with anyone.

  • You own your private information and you can remove them at any point in time.

  • We will use cookies to store some general information relating to your access to the site.

  • For the purpose of marketing we may track your likes, dislikes and relevant activities in a way that is not identifiable.

  • We don't use any kind of private information such as name, address, etc. for any reason other than your sole activties on the site, unless you have given us permission to do so or it is required by law.

  • In the USA, laws of the government of the United States of America, and in Cananda, laws of the government of Canada and the Province of Ontario will superceed any laws in any jurisdication. In any other country the laws of the Government of Canada superceed any laws with respect to your activities on this site.

  • Please respect privacy of others.